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Optical Channel Monitor

Enablence’s APOCM is an optical channel monitor designed for fast optical power detection of individual channels on a multiplex of DWDM wavelengths.?The device is based on an arrayed waveguide grating fabricated using our patented CVD system. Arrayed photodetectors are integrated into the package along with an internal temperature controller for automatic ITU grid alignment. An electric pin array serves as the output of the device.


  • Scalable up to 80?Channels
  • Channel spacing of 50,?100?or 200 GHZ
  • Athermal?AWG


  • Environmentally stable?PLC?Technology
  • Simultaneous monitoring of a?multiplex of? DW?wavelengths
  • Telcordia-qualified packaging techniques
  • Internal?Temperature Controller for AWG


  • Feedback?control signal for power balancing at DWDM metro?or terminal nodes